About us

Our industrial history started in the early 1900s with Umberto Manganotti, paternal grandfather of the present owner, on the banks of Lake Garda with the invention of the first pedalo.

He moved to Milan to develop his entrepreneurial disposition and began building machine tools, such as column drilling machines, frontal planers, etc.

The outbreak of the second world war made it necessary to radically change the activity and, with the second generation, a new era started with metal constructions and steel structural work for third parties. For example, some of the most important industrial constructions are the following: “FIAT Research Centre”, “Centro Giraffe Turin” and over 100,000 sq. m. of plants built and installed in Italy and abroad.

In the early 1990s, Walter Manganotti, promoter of the growth and consolidation of the family business, completed the production range to offer to both national and international customers, founding a company for the machining of steel constructions.

At present, we export 40% of our production to the rest of Europe and our strategies are mainly aimed at forming exclusive partnerships with our customers in order to support 100% their company needs for mechanical and metal products, complete with machining and surface treatment.

Our industrial plants are strategically located near the A4 Milan-Turin motorway and the new highway Boffalora-Malpensa, only 20 km from Milan. They occupy a total surface area of approximately 14,000 sq. m. of which 4,500 sq. m. are covered.